About us

Two passionates about Northern Lights trying to bring the best experience possible.

Our story

Once upon a time, two Aurora enthusiasts who live in Reykjavík got an idea to create a Northern Lights forecast application.

The idea came from their own difficulties and experiences with finding information about the Northern Lights forecast. They have to browse multiple sources such as weather forecast, aurora forecast, road conditions and more to know the accurate prediction. Therefore they created an app with a lovely name, hello aurora, intending to help aurora hunters spot the aurora most easily and as safely as possible.

Hello aurora was launched in October 2019 and has gained more than 7000 active users in two months. The application and website are continuously updated and we want to become the most trustworthy and reliable Northern Lights forecast application available for everyone.

Our proud award

The Icelandic Web community (SVEF) organizes the web award annually to reward the best projects of each year. We are very proud to have received the award for the best side-project of 2019 🎉. Find more about the ceremony here. Following is the statement from the jury:

Great ambition has been put into the user-friendly interface that extends the information simply and concisely. The solution solved the known problem for users and the interface is in line with ideas that generate interesting and rewarding solutions.

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