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For aurora enthusiastic who wants to make aurora hunting simpler. Aurora forecast, cloud coverage, aurora spotted locations, road conditions, weather alerts and more available in one app.

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Besides giving you the forecast, we do have more value than that. Check out some of our key values that will make your life easier.

Accurate forecast

Accurate forecast

Using various data to give the most precise information and keep users updated when the forecast is favourable.

Handy notifications alert

Handy notifications alert

Notifications sent when the weather is unsafe, when the aurora are visible and when aurora enthusiasts spotted them.



The most user-friendly aurora forecast app where users can share their locations when spotted aurora with others aurora hunters.

Sleep under the Northern Lights

Check out our selected Northern Lights accommodations. Available everywhere aurora are visible.
Check out the accommodations

Where to stay and see the aurora

Find the unique places to stay on your Northern Lights trip

Book accomodation

Book accommodation directly with our partners without any extra fees.


Able to check-in to the accommodation where you stay under the beautiful green lights.

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Great App, perfect app to get notified when an Aurora will be available!!!! Will try it on my holidays...

From the App Store

Great tool, nice app with so much useful info on the same page. Everything you need to hunt for Aurora. Good luck!!

From the App Store

Wonderful! Best app for Northern Lights hunting!

From the App Store

Without question the most well-designed and refined aurora app out there. Beautiful and focused.

From the Play Store

Add the cloud overlay map and I have a reason to delete the other aurora apps that I have and recommend this app to my friends and team members of my company. Good work so far.

From the Play Store

Just use this app a few days ago. I live in Iceland and I can see aurora near me. Thanks.

From the Play Store

We won an award

Best Side Project in Iceland of 2019

Great ambition has been put into the user-friendly interface that extends the information simply and concisely. The solution solved the known problem for users and the interface is in line with ideas that generate interesting and rewarding solutions.

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