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Aurora forecast's icon

Aurora forecast

Aurora and solar data, coming straight from the space, literally, updated every few minutes to give you the most accurate real-time data.

Weather forecast's icon

Weather forecast

Weather forecast accurate to your geolocation. Really useful if you want to know if you need a raincoat or not (spoiler: you need one 99% of the time in Iceland).

Sun cycle information's icon

Sun cycle information

Sun rotates in 27 days and when produced a good night of aurora, there is a chance it can happen in the next cycle 27 days later. You have now this information available.

Users location's icon

Users location

You are able to share your position if you see aurora around you and you can look for the the places where it is the most active at the moment.

Clouds map's icon

Clouds map

Clouds overlay for Iceland that gives you the best way to find a clear sky spot and increase the probability to see the aurora. Available next in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Aurora oval's icon

Aurora oval

The aurora oval rotates over the Poles and you can now see it on the map with an overlay for it. It gives you an indication when it's coming and if it's coming strong.

Notifications's icon


Notifications will be sent to you when an aurora starts to be visible, a user shared his position or when some weather alerts are in progress.

Road conditions's icon

Road conditions

Roads can be dangerous, slippery or close during winter in Iceland. This map overlay will give you real-time status. Available next in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Weather alerts's icon

Weather alerts

Weather alerts coming from the Icelandic weather agency, to make sure you don’t drive when the conditions are way too bad. Available next in Norway, Sweden, Finland.


Using the most accurate APIs to gather data all together

NOAA's logo


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is an American scientific agency.

This is used to get the space and solar data for the aurora forecast.

TGO's logo


Norwegian agency that maintains, gathers and provides space physics data from Norway.

It gives to Norwegian users real-time data for aurora sightings.

Leirvogur's logo


The agency that provides the data from the magnetometer located in Iceland.

It gives to Icelandic users real-time data for aurora sightings.

IRF's logo


The institute carries research and associated observatory activities in space physics.

It gives to Swedish users real-time data for aurora sightings.

FMI's logo


The Finnish Meteorological Institute is the agency gathering and reporting space data.

It gives to Finnish users real-time data for aurora sightings.

Belgingur's logo


Belgingur are experts in high-resolution weather forecast and global Wind Energy.

This is used to get the weather forecast in Iceland.

Veðurstofa Íslands's logo

Veðurstofa Íslands

Icelandic Meteorological Office is Iceland's national weather service.

Data for the weather alerts and cloud coverage in Iceland.

MET's logo


The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is Norway's national meteorological institute.

It gives us the weather forecast for Nordics countries.

Vegagerðin's logo


The Road and Coastal Administration constructs and maintains roads.

It gives us a real-time status for all the roads around Iceland.

Mapbox's logo


Mapbox is a large provider of custom online maps for websites and applications.

The map with users location and the cloud overlay layer.

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